Do you still ‘believe’ in Santa?

by Emma


The title of this post is written in theory. I honestly would not expect people to believe in good old Santa Claus… but if you do then I apologise profusely and I advise you stop reading now :p

On a more serious note, my philosophical angle is in regards to the ‘magic’ we had instilled and conveyed as a child.

Is it still there? Or has it been outgrown and cast aside like the many toys of yesterday?

When we sleepwe dream. Whilst we dream, magic exists. Where does it go when we are awake?

As we journey through childhood into adolescence, and finally into adulthood, do we lose the one thing which gave us true spirit? Do we lose our soul?

I’m not talking about voodoowitchcraft or urban legends. I’m not relating to fairytales or superpowers. I’m certainly not questioning your intelligence.

Magic is simply the world which we create where anything is possible.

Magic is belief.

Life becomes busy and often we lose sight of our child persona. We forget our dreams and our hopes.

We forget ourselves.

We often don’t have time to reflect and explore the realms of our imagination. An adult’s world is busy.

When we connect with the child within us, we are able to view the world in a completely different lens. Our vision becomes clear once again.

As a child we created our vast imagination. We lived and breathed the magic within this.

We were innocent yet we were happy.

If we can bring the magic back, imagine the world we could create in our amazing adult minds.

Our journey would have new dimensions. We could dream again.

It’s ironic that we have evolved from a child into an adult, yet a child has more insight than us.

As a child believes ‘I can be anyone I want’…. so should we.

We should make it happen.

The mind of a deep thinkeror complete rubbishit is all down to interpretation and perception…