Counting the pennies…Christmas is coming.

by Emma

The last few days have got me thinking.

We are on the home run now to Christmas. 5 weeks today we will be finishing our wrapping, leaving our carrot for the hungry reindeer and hanging our stocking for the jolly man.

We will be preparing for a fun filled day with our loved ones. A perfectly planned and awaited day. A magical Christmas.

What makes it feel ‘magical’?

The money we spend? The careful and colourful wrapping of our gifts? The decorations? The Christmas turkey?

The magic comes from within us. Our dreams. Our childhood fantasy. It is connected with the love of our loved ones and family.

That is what creates the magic. That is what completes the day.

Amidst the tasty food, beautiful gifts and sparkling lights, it is the acknowledgement of sharing and caring. It is the warmth we carry in our hearts which heats the wintery day.

Those precious moments snuggled on the sofa delighting in the christmas film. The pulling of the cracker (the tackier the better). The shared laughter and contagious smiles.

One day and it has gone. Debt left in the tracks. Wrapping paper curling and littering. Lights hanging awkwardly on bent branches.

Yer the magic still remains. The memories and the christmas cheer. The festive love.

You cannot put a price on that.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…