Saturday Down Time

by Emma

As I sit here snuggled in my home, locking the cold firmly outside, I have time to reflect.

Reflection. Another word to self analyse and unmuddle our minds. A time to prioritise our thoughts and develop a stable plan for moving forward.

Simply time we give ourselves to reboot our system and allow for healthy reorganisation.

So I sit here and eat chocolate cake and convince myself this is part of the process. A fair balance. Cake and thoughts.

Sugar and spice.

I walked within the crowds today. I let the christmas music lift me and I enjoyed the external festivity. I happen to love Christmas.

What do I love about it, I ask myself. I love the highs..the close bonding it brings. The ending of an era and the beginning of another.

I love the craziness and excitement. The adrenaline of planning. The warmth and the delicious contentment.

Whilst I reflect on the year that was, and that is now moving on, I see myself as I was, as I am, and how I will be.

The biggest thing I see is how we are still here and still believing. I know I certainly am.

Last Christmas, I could not predict now. This Christmas I cannot predict next. Yet I know that as time moves on fervently, life revolves and evolves. I’m optimistic. I’m grateful. I am also a believer.

I do believe positivity breeds and dreams are obtainable as long as we continue to strive.

I believe in magic and sit here wistful, ready to embrace the magic that is created externally. More importantly I embrace the magic deep down within us.

I simply keep on believing.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…