Chocolate and Cognitions

by Emma

December 1st. Monday.

Two different concepts and beginnings.

We are on a new week and officially the countdown to Christmas. Yes I am a Christmas lover.

My alarm went off and I’ve been stumbling about in the dark, cursing the early morning chill. In hindsight I chastised myself for not going to bed early, hence the sleepy appearance and brain fuzziness.

Then I remembered it’s December.

It’s Monday.

When everybody opens their tiny chocolate package this morning, I think we need to look deeper into it. Not religion. Not even Christmas. But the concept of what we are doing.

We are counting down, crossing a day off as we go. Eating a chocolate as we do.

Are we in fact wasting our days? Deeming them merely a stepping stone.

Christmas is exciting but so I’d Monday. It can also bring delights and splendour if we let it.

Eat the chocolate then use the serotonin release to make today matter. Make it count.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…