The Edge Of The Box (Spooning Tea and Licking Cookies)

by Emma


What makes us different as individuals? Is it the things we do or the way we think? Or is it the ownership we portray in our diversity?

I have a few quirky preferences. I say ‘quirky’ as I do not feel these are particularly odd or wrong, yet perception remains plentiful, beautifully so.

I drink my tea accompanied by a teabag and a spoon. Since I was a child, I felt soothed having my spoon with my mug. I still find myself spooning the tea in my mouth when I am distracted. The hot and sweetened liquid taken from a spoon, somehow it tastes better. Weirdly, it has become an automated response and usually more so when I am in serious relaxation mode or ill. Strange? Maybe. Yet I own it. You know what? I will continue to do this also. My foot hovers ever so slightly at the edge of the box.

My significant other finds it amusing that when I am eating cookies, I lick the edges. Yes lick. My defence probably wouldn’t stand up in court and my explanation of removing the falling crumbs simply makes his eyes dance with further amusement. Yet, I will bow down to my accusing. I lick cookies and I will continue. No falling crumbs on me.

I push harder at the lid of the box…

My point is that diversity and ownership are not negative. We are who we are, conditioned and through choice. Licking cookies certainly is not a trait in my family so I gladly offer the explanation of simple diversity. I chose a different route. To lick or not to lick. It is not life changing, nor is it heroic. Yet each time we step away from that box, gingerly put our feet out, we make a pure choice. Little or large, significant or not, it changes us, grows us and further creates us.

I cannot sing yet I do. If i feel like singing or dancing, a packed street of prejudice and societal clones will not halt me. It makes me happy. It keeps me being me.

I feel claustrophobic in that box. I simply need to break out.

I could be known for negativity or a strange feature, yet I am known by my loved ones as a cookie licker and for my tea making preferences and terrible singing ability. Quirky? Yes but also diverse and honest. Who can argue with that?

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…