Festive Fever

by Emma

So I’m sat here wrapping presents and humming away to the background Christmas tunes…Christmas tree twinkling and candles burning.

I decorated the tree and was over generous with the baubles and tinsel. The lights did not tangle this time and I finished with a contented sigh. I will not think about the day I will need to individually remove each bauble. I will not even think about the dreaded tinsel appearing everywhere weeks later in the rug pile.

I will sit back snug in front of the fire and continue to sigh with contentment and allow the festivities to embrace.

I have made a concious decision (as I do every year) to simply enjoy. Stress! What good does it do?

We over spend, over eat, over indulge, yet use the season as an excuse and still continue to do so.

Let the festivities be the excuse. We have January to regret and stress. This December, let’s simply smile…kick back and enjoy 🙂

Santa is coming guys…

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