The most powerful thing in the world

by Emma

Love this concept.
I agree. I think an idea, an inspiration, is what develops us and motivates us as individuals. To continue to dream and plan, is to thrive and satisfy our inner creativity and self-actualisation 🙂

harish v

Have you ever wondered what is the most powerful thing in the world?

Well, its not money, not wealth, maybe love, but really I think its an idea.

Yup, an idea. Every single day, we see ideas that change and craft the world. From the phone in your hand to the computer you’re reading this blog on, every thing around us took root from the idea that came up in someone’s brain.

But when you think about it, an idea isn’t something tangible. Not any physical product you can touch and understand. Nevertheless, you can feel it. And if an idea is powerful enough, it can change the world for the better, or for the worse.

I particularly felt galvanised watching Inception. Inception is basically about implanting someone else’s idea into a target’s subconscious, deep enough, that it changes their way of thinking. Well, an idea seems like a simple…

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