by Emma

I think this is definitely food for thought.

We all have a tendency to wish and hope for what we do not have. We spend time ruminating and convincing ourselves that the unknown is actually a dream.

It usually is not.

As humans, we aspire and become inspired by intrigue but in reality, this does not always compare. Wishful thinking and imagined indulgence appears amazing, yet sadly there is always a sharp side. A negative.

Our minds are fantastic. We can create, we can alter our dreams by both cognition and desire. Yet our reality is much different. Everything has a meaning and everything has a consequence.

We spend so much wasted time wishing for the next big event. We take the moments for granted. We do not always see what we should be grateful for. Until it’s too late.

To drown in the moment and appreciate our ‘now’ is more meaningful than self sacrifice and constant questioning. As rightly said, once we dreamed of the ‘now’. Is it worth turning it into past tense and a regrettable ‘then’?!



Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.

Gratitude still from where you lay
With all them huge bills to pay
Questioning that passion you have
The month’s end wages strengthens your nerve
When you thought things can’t go wrong
Burdens still came with its soft hug
You try to step ahead of life
With move above ground
Gaining the more hate and blame
Still feeling strongly held down
Gratitude still from where you stay
All I can say

Fake friends and family cold shoulders bear
Instant panic when frustration tears
Hope may find it hard to shine
When everything seems really dark
With gloomy prospect redefine
Making you feel lost like in forest of pine
Whatever may befall
Would be a challenge for you in all
Use words of…

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