Gratitude and lots of smiles

by Emma

I have been blogging now for about a month.

Writing for years but in secret, my readers were limited only to myself. I was encouraged to start a blog and write freely. Become the real me. No secrets. No trepidation.

I can never turn down a challenge, and it did intrigue me so I began.

When I started to blog, I didn’t have a topic, an angle, nor a subject. So I decided to remain diverse. I’m psychological, philosophical, spiritual, hard ass opinionaited, and creative. I define my words as emotive creativity. The words we all want to say, yet we get stuck on expressing. These are the words I choose to follow, allow, and to press the big red metorphorical buttons to release their poignant meaning.

My imagination sits parallel with my reality. Our reality is what we make it. To write it, we bring it alive.

I have become in tuned with the site, the fellow amazing artists and creative people. You all offer me inspiration and affirmation. I hope I offer a balance in return.

My promise is that I will continue and develop. Reflection will aspire this.

To see 200 people choosing to follow me is phenomenal and has challenged every negative perception I allowed to hinder my esteem.

Amazing Thanks 🙂

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…