Wednesday Wonder

by Emma

8 days till the sleigh bells ring.

8 days till we feel the love.

Got me thinking…Why do we put emphasis on love and harmony just at Christmas?

Do we need a festive excuse?

Every day we should show our loved ones how much they mean to us, not simply between the Queens speech and the turkey carving.

Why do we feel loved up on Christmas day and then become blasé the rest of the year?

Christmas is exciting, it is deserving, an amazing excuse to be jolly and celebrate. Yet don’t our loved ones heighten those feelings in us every day.

Should we not feel and give the same love and compassion every day of the year?

Christmas should just simply be a time to celebrate this elation. Show the love on a special day.

The scent and sounds of Christmas conveys mixed feelings to many people… love, hate, compassion, regret and even sadness. Yet it is not Christmas which takes this responsibility. It is us, ourselves.

Christmas doesn’t break hearts, bankrupt people, become violent or be lonely. Christmas only offers us the opportunity to choose to engage in the traditions and to choose to rejoice and be thankful.

Every negativity about Christmas is brought on by us.

Christmas doesn’t ask for financial distress, competitive presents or too much drink and fights. It asks for compassion, gratitude and love. Simply love.

A day to enjoy with your loves ones without allowing the stress in. We all work hard, stress hard and negatively question all year….it is exhausting!

This year push the stress out the door. Turn the frowns upside down and wear the tacky party hats. Banter over the crackers, drink too much and dance around happy. Eat too much then fall asleep. Then wake up and do it all again.

Enjoy the smiles, breathe in the laughter, inhale the togetherness, and simply love.

Christmas 2014 will never be here again. Believe again, allow the magic. For one day saviour it. Make the memory count.

Once Christmas is over, look across at the year 2015 standing tall. That year can be amazing or can not be and that is simply up to you.

We don’t need an excuse to feel good, to smile, to love. Think it, feel it, want it, and simply give it. I’m sure if we all did that then we can make this next year Christmas every day 🙂

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…