Our Most Powerful Teachers

by Emma

Love this concept. To understand the realms of our existence is to appreciate the opportunity we have to explore it. A partner, a friend, a loved one. They are the ones who see us in perfect and in perfect tones. They can analyse, lead, support. To find a spiritual discipline is amazing. To know ourselves is fundamental but for others to know our depths is phenomenal. It shows inner strength, trust and integrity. It then breeds the pureness we attain, and challenges our wishes and hopes. To create ourselves as the being we aspire to be cannot be done alone. We need the special hand to guide us, critique us yet love and support us. Only our spiritual discipline and hope can propel us in mind.

Order of Applied Mysticism

holding-handsThe greatest teacher one can ever have in the context of a spiritual discipline…one many of us take for granted…or do not even recognize…are our partners…The people we live with…the people we see every day and have known for years and years…the people we are romantically involved with…Because they are the people that expose the hypocritical nature of the mind to ourselves…They are the ones who can…and many times will…call us out on our ‘spiritual acting’ play that we all too often fall into when we begin a journey of self discovery…These are the people that keep us in check…and keep us grounded and do not allow for the mind to sky rocket us into spiritual fantasies where we sit all day in the lotus position chanting “OM.”

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