One life. My life.

by Emma

I blog. I write. I verse. My words are free and come from deep in my soul. I do not dilute my thoughts, nor shorten them. I remain, and always will remain raw.

Yet my inspiration comes from others and not simply mine to own.

My beautiful son teaches me daily to appreciate and to embrace my inner self. He does not want a forgetful parent with broken promises. I rise to his vision.


My significant other teaches me to continue to grasp and to believe. He tames my impulsivity and supports my aspirations.


These individuals in my world share my dreams and visions wholeheartedly, yet they also create my haven.

They critique, reprimand, laugh and shakes heads, but they also help to rid my path of debris. They make my journey exciting,  meaningful and real.

Sometimes we need to embrace the special people in our lives. The ones who nurture us and enjoy to grow alongside us.

To find that intensity is amazing. To keep it strong, we must always cherish from our part.

To be loved is to love. To walk together is to match the footprints. To embrace is to use your heart,  body and soul.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…