Reflective facets

by Emma

As I sit back and remember what has been, it gives surreality to my reflections.

I look back and ponder on the last year and remember the emotions and thoughts I have experienced. Some amazing, some good, some neutral and some damn bad. Yet I still moved forward. Against the flow, or with the rythmic undercurrent, I got where I am today.

As did you.

Life is a colourful palette. Amidst the vibrant reds and yellows, lingers charcoal and darker shades. Blues. Yet blue can make purple. Colours can be blended and like emotions, they can be interchangeable.

We need the spectrum to grow. We need the negative to feel positive. We need both the good and the bad.

To experience the all, is to experience life in its simplistic, yet most fantastic form.

So as I look back and reflect, I consider the heartache, the tears. I consider the laughter and the excitement, and I embrace it all.

I have experienced the lows, the highs and the mundane continuities, yet I remain.

As do you.

This year the whirlwind of emotions will begin again. I will still remain.

As will you.

We will dream. We will plan. We will aspire.

At times we will fall. Fail. We will get it wrong. Yet the strength within us will continue to prevail.

To live.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…