Simply present

by Emma

So we are told to take life by the horns and embrace it. We are told to be forceful and confront the obstacles head on. We are told to run like the wind and do everything. Live like there is no tomorrow.

The question which ponders me is, that by doing this do we remain present? Do we fully experience or are we simply on automatic programming?

We are conditioned to like some things we like, conditioned to do some things we do. This begs the question of who’s existence are we living. Societies or our own.

We become accustomed to the fast paced expectations. ‘See that’, ‘Do this’, ‘Watch that’. Do we enjoy? Are we fully present? Or simply playing our expected role and conforming.

Presence is fundamental to experience. To gain and hold clarity.

If we lose ourselves then how can we really think. Purely feel.

Sometimes we have to fight for other people to stay present with us. Physically they are there, however their psyche is not.

Physically we are there. Yet our psyche cannot always keep up.

Always rushing. Always competing. With others. With ourself.

The old cliché ‘quality not quantity’ springs to mind.

Being present offers so much more. It is a shame to bypass it.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…