Fear the fear then fight like hell

by Emma

We all live through a facet of ourselves. A simplified version.

The version we create is the version we dilute.

We have a list of what we can show. What we can publicise about ourselves. We accept so we expect acceptance.

What do we hide in the alternate list?

What do we hide from others or keep to ourselves?


Why are we afraid to fill in the blanks?

If we open ourselves fully to others, ask the questions which burn us and say the words which choke us, then we are left vulnerable. It creates a risk and a space we cannot protect.

However, how long can we dilute whom we are? By the act of this, are we doing ourselves an injustice? Are we doing an injustice to others?

To face our fear is to own it. To own it is to control it.

Fear is what drives us and what develops us. What we fear, the object of our anxiety, is simply all we ever wanted. Our psyche provides the fear as our internal coat of armour.

We are within the battle. We win it. We lose it. You choose.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…