Monday motivation

by Emma

Monday has snuck up and stolen the weekend yet again… or has it simply rescued us from it?

Mind set? Maybe.

Sometimes we need a little structure and organisation in life to keep us on the route. Monday offers this. It reminds us of responsibility and commitment. I hear you sigh and I myself, roll my eyes. However, it’s a sweet balance. Hard work and play. Rest and work.

I admit that personally I do not favour Monday. It hides behind Sunday and constantly teases with its upcoming presence. It symbolises a full working week and the need for refreshed motivation.

Yet it also leads us and supports us to stay focused. It provides the basis for out earnt rest on a weekend. It gives our week clarity and sense.

Monday can be irritating. It can be dreaded. It can be long and drawn out. Yet Monday is also a new beginning. A second chance. Monday is the promise of tomorrow and the day which will not sit quietly.

Embrace it. Use it for its rightful purpose and make it meaningful.

Simply a mind set.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…