A funny thing called life

by Emma

It is strange how life can direct us, push us, influence our perception. We can be following a structured path then… wham! .. we veer off in an opposing direction.

Life tempts us. It leads us. It amazes us.

Rewind a year and what do you see? I’m certain that reality has shocked you. Best laid plans have been thwarted. Simply changed.

For the better or the worse?

I think the latter depends on you. Have you followed your dreams and aspirations or have you laid them to the roadside? Has reality dealt a winning hand or an oddball. Have you changed decks or simply accepted? One life. Our choice.

Alternatively, have your dreams changed and become so much more than you imagined. I certainly hope so.

In this funny little thing called life, have you allowed yourself to ‘live’? Removed apprehension. Taken positive risks. Believed. Simply let go.

You know the answer and in another year, only you will know how far and internally deep you have come.

The clouds aren’t high enough. Reach for the stars. Or simply don’t.

The choice remains yours.