Newsflash ‘Internal Optimism is the new penicillin’ ☆

by Emma


Positive thinking. Self affirmation. I hear you thinking ‘pffftttt that old cliché’. How can a simple thought diminish a lifetime of bad luck and fate?

Simple. We become trapped in a mindset. A sinking puddle of quick sand. A cognitive tangled Web of negativity and self pity.

Harsh? When the hell did medication ever taste good??

The simple fact is that we become accustomed to life removing our control. We become conditioned to failure and lack the ability to see past the self created disarray.

It becomes easier to blame fate. To remove all responsibility and wallow in our own percieved inability.

If we live in a dark world, then we won’t feel the sharp shock of going blind. If we don’t compete in the race then we can never feel the disappointment of coming last. We simply expect it and accept it. Woe is us.

Life is hard. Life is also unbearable at times, however life still offers the chance to live.

Life itself is an amazing gift. It is flexible. It is transparent. It is thwart with unbelievable pain but also exquisite pleasure. It is an infinite parallel. It is up high and it is down low. To ride with stabilisers is an injustice.

The only mechanical fault lies within ourselves.

True, some are born with a silver spoon. Others with a wooden and charred spoon. Yet we still have the ability to stir the hearty soup. The presence of ‘life’ is only the initial ingredient. The flavour and spice is individual and comes from our own hand.

It’s sprinkled and thickened by our own experiences and sheer determination.

A recipe is perfected by diversity, change and motivation.

Life is delicious. Taste it.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…