Are you really alive.. Or simply gulping air?

by Emma

Every day we wake up and fulfil our obligatory daily tasks. How often do you question the meaning. The inner fulfilment.

We are all part of the grouping and we all have responsibilities. Sometimes these are not stimulants and often we find our motivation falling, however we push through. We have to. To let others down is not an option. It’s our simple make up. It’s human nature.

Do we give ourselves the same commitment?

When was the last time you felt your heart beat with pure excitement? When did you experience stimulated ecstacy? Yes it is your responsibility.

Others can provide the flammable material yet only you can ignite the flame and keep it burning.

This enlightenment comes from our inner belief and our stimulated response. Self-actualisation is the core for inner happiness. That ever burning inner glow. That contented smile.

Do you question your worth? Why? Because of negative experience and enforced cognition. This flame needs extinguishing. Put it out now.

Life is about living. Experiencing. Learning. We need the bad experiences but then we need to let them go and concentrate on the amazement of the journey. The negative people we meet are simply teachers. Teaching us what we need to strengthen our souls.

Then there are the special people who provide the candle wick. The dynamite. This flame needs lighting. This flame was meant to burn…and burn. That career opportunity, that travelling plan, that exciting journey. That special someone. These things need more than the mechanics of taking a breath. The mundane routine of waking up with little expectations. These things deserve the positive reaction which they crave. Which we crave. Anything less is futile.

Life is only suffocating if you believe it to be. Life only gives what it recieves.

It can burn and it can scar, yet it can also warm and provide the light to guide us positively down our chosen path.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…