Is the grass greener or full of cow pat?

by Emma

Why do we always want what we don’t have? Wish for something different or an opposing existence?

Personally I ponder this and still find it bizarre. I feel fortunate that my life is running to plan. I awaken to positivity and feel blessed with my choices. Yet I have not always felt this way. I also craved dreams. Both realistic and unrealistic.

We waste precious moments feeling envious and rot our heart with regret. Logically we can identify how we can alter our existence yet this is not always realistic. Sometimes we have to accept. Or do we?

If we are not happy with our career choices then the simple answer is to change. Easier said than done. However it is possible. The only obstacle is our own ability to see this and our own motivation to pursue it.

Relationships? The philosophy is the same. I personally have experienced dissatisfaction in relationships. I have felt lonely in a crowded room and I have looked into cold eyes and felt lost. I guess it is something we have all experienced  (unless you have been lucky then I salute you). I was fortunate and brave enough to eliminate the trigger. The grass was indeed greener.

However on an opposing note, there are the times where we perceive dissatisfaction due to our own unrealistic perceptions. Sometimes we do land in a big smelly pile of cow pat. We make the wrong decisions and then the only choice we have is to clean down and learn from it. Yet we must own it. We must own our own choices. Right or wrong.

I balance these perplexing thoughts on my own internal responses. I romantacise. I listen to my inner voice. Trust my gut feeling. Believe me, it is not always wise and this makes me impulsive and at times reckless. However the result is perfect for me. I wake up smiling. I go to sleep smiling. I take chances and follow my reckless voice. I’m sure my family, friends and significant other would certainly agree that my impulsivity is both a value and a burden. However, I can never be categorised as being someone who gives up or lives half a life. I can deal with the cow pat and I can dance in the greenery of the lush grass. I can live with that 🙂

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…