Picnic of lust

by Emma

The sun felt warm against her skin as she lay bathing in its glow. The delicious remnants of the picnic basket overflowing by her side. The aroma of sweet blossom fragrant in the warm summer air. She turned towards her lover, the sunlight shining on his face. His smile matching the twinkle within his dark eyes. He looked beautiful laying there, his posture relaxed and one hand casually supporting his head as he watched her intently.

He reached across and stroked her face, his fingers soft against her flesh. His eyes meeting hers in mutual contentment. The sun warming their bodies and their minds.

She looked across the park and felt a tingle of excitement at the realisation of their solitary position. The trees creating a intimate den, a temple belonging to them alone. As she looked back at him, she felt the mutual understanding become clear in his eyes as he moved his hand down her chin and further down her neck.

She felt her body awaken at his stroking fingers and moved her position nearer to him, letting her own hands move to his face. The pooling in his eyes almost drowning her.

Her flimsy dress felt loose on her body as she gingerly moved onto him. Her top slack and her breasts hovering above him as she straddled him. He looked up at her in wonder as she gently pressed a finger to her moist lips and smiled. A smile which spoke many words. He settled and lay back, an arm rested behind his head. His eyes never leaving her.

She leant down and kissed him. Just one… slowly… meaningful. He felt himself grow with the single sexy act and tried to pull her down for another. Her laugh was fun as she put a finger to her lips once again. Her eyes remaining on his.

Her fingers were on his chest now, her hands gently stroking the masculinity of his body. Her fingers rolling through his hairs and smelling his delicious aroma through every touch. His body hair creating more excitement as it shone from the ebony tones through the trees, and created a perfect glow along his deep rich torso. She let her hands caress his body and remained aware of her top slipping ever so slowly further down and exposing the tops of her breasts. She saw that he was watching her and his eyes kept averting to her supple parts. The slow arousal and suggestion was intense.

She lowered her face to kiss him and trailed tiny kisses down his neck and his chest. Her tongue searching out his nipples to tease and arouse. She knew that her arousal was evident from the moistness she could feel in her knickers. Her own body feeling the pull of desire, yet she was enjoying the patience. The foreplay.

As she brought her lips to the base of his belly and the rim of his jeans, he let out a groan of pleasure. His excitement building. She could feel the hardening beneath his belt, the hardening which she was looking forward to releasing. The hardening for her. She loved the effect she could have on him. The effect on her. Already she was wishing he’d rip her knickers off and satisfy that growing bubble within her. She could imagine his cock touching her, pushing up inside her, the girth touching her special spot as they entwined and rode, as always, to a delicious climax. This thought excited her and she could feel her own body becoming damp and visibly welcoming.

She fiddled with his buttons and loosened his jeans enough to release his cock and take it greedily into her mouth. She used her tongue to gently caress, whilst her mouth provided the deep teasing rythm which she knew he liked. She picked up a solitary strawberry from beside them and squeezed the juice onto his hardened cock, before chasing the juice with her tongue and devouring the sweet fruit against him, in her mouth.

His hands had found her breasts now and as he caressed their smoothness, he lazily traced each nipple gently with his thumb, feeling them hardening against him.

Suddenly he flipped her. Carefully yet with strength. She was now laying on her back, her bared breasts shining in the sun and her dress inched above her knee. Following her lead he found two strawberries and brought them to her breasts. The sweet sticky juice on her nipples felt erotically good. He used his mouth and tongue to bathe them with the sogged fruit, before taking over with the warm smoothness of his tongue. She felt tingles running through her with every agonisingly pleasurable touch. His hands reached under her dress and held no battle with her knickers. His hands expertly removed them and caressed her. His fingers rubbing up against her and encouraging her wetness. She shuddered with the hotness of it and felt her legs spread further as her body demanded it’s attention. He did not disappoint. She moaned as he pushed his fingers inside her and let his tongue circle her clit almost gently. His speed became faster but he liked the begging look in her eyes. Her pure need. She pushed against him, needing satisfaction, her body felt on charge.

As she continued to reach for him, he grabbed her arms and held them above her head as his mouth crashed down on hers. His tongue showed her his desire as he kissed her with passionate intent. His clothes had been removed and her dress was barely covering only her neck. Legs open and no knickers, she craved to be filled. He did not disappoint.

As she wriggled beneath him, he held her arms in place and used the other hand to spread her legs and play with her clit before entering her deep. She almost screamed with the purity of his thrust. Her body felt like every fibre was being titillated and devoured by pure escstacy. It felt amazing. He brought his lips down on hers again and their bond seemed to increase the exquisite pairing as they rode together creating waves of pleasurable waves over and over. His cock inside her made her feel she was out of her body. Every thrust, every stroke, made her body feel more alive and on fire. Her orgasm were continous, irresistible. She could read her own pleasure and his in the pooling of his eyes. The touch of his body, his skin delighted her senses more.

They couldn’t get enough. The sun encouraged continuity. They rode together amidst the green of the grass and the blue of the sky and let their primal vibe lead.

As she came she let her head go back and her eyes close at the pure intensity of it. She could feel his muscles tightening as he chased his own orgasm and finally hit a home run as she felt him quiver and moan in pleasurable agonising release. They lay there together. Spent but still smiling and still enjoying the sun. She looked towards him and his eyes shone with everything she felt within her own heart. She lazily picked up another strawberry and nibbled it as she lay down entwined with her lover. The sun continued to warm as it began to dip lower in the late afternoon sky.

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