The Best Wealth Can’t be Spent

by Emma

Thought provoking and powerful wording. Indeed we do chase rainbows and better tomorrow’s. What we do not always appreciate is that our rainbows sometimes start right beside us in our loved ones. It is easier to aspire with these people by our side. Plus it makes the journey one hell of an exciting one!

Accountable Love

We picture our lifetime, never realizing that the “time of our life” will be spent with people we Love. We chase big dreams of fame and recognition, but the only people that will truly know us are those that seen us at our most vulnerable. They’ll see right past the ambition to the core of our life support. They will care enough to fight with us until we are at peace. They’ll turn off the light and whisper goodnight. They will be the first to mourn us. They’ll be our “dream awake” and will never forsake the promises they make; standing with us forever, not just a season because they will believe in everything we shook, hugged, and kissed on!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

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