A Free Personality Test for your Characters

by Emma

Amazingly accurate and self exploratory tool. Give it a go 🙂

bryn benning

psych eval-small Ever wish you could get a personality evaluation on one of your characters? You know, like one of those Myers Briggs reports? That could be pretty handy, don’t you think?

I’m one of those writers who enjoys interviewing their characters, so the idea of getting a free, scientifically-based personality evaluation for them excites me to no end. What a way to get inside their heads. So here’s an online personality evaluation tool you might find useful. It’s meant for you and me, but it occurred to me that I could use this to get a bead on my book characters. Basically, you would answer the questions on the website the way your character would answer them, et voila! You get a nice little summary of who your character is, what motivates them, and how they rate along various personality dimensions. Don’t forget to save or do a screen grab…

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