Physical Therapy

by Emma

The day was long. Every fibre of her being felt mutilated. Her core felt flattened, devoid of living inspiration. Exhaustion. Her mind oozed with lethargy.

The house was dark as she pushed open the door. The creaking of its age provided the only welcoming melody as she stumbled into her comfortable zone. Home. Every hour she had yearned for it. The serenity of the familiar. The disorganisation which created her identity. Her haven.

The meeting had seemed never ending. Her head still a buzz with fragmented concepts and policies. The final hour, she recalled the drone of voices simply becoming as one, continous and unintelligible. She knew she had switched off. Tea break had been the trigger. The debates around the plastic cups and sugar cubes had finally done it, her mind had simply reeled itself in and curled up in a corner and sulked.

As she stood in the hallway, her confusion began to waver. Her face softened and her tense muscles relaxed as she let out a deep breath.

‘That bad?’. She jumped as the voice came from behind her, followed quickly by strong arms enfolding her from behind. She sighed again and let her body sink back into the embrace, the smell of him bringing warm contentment within her. He kissed her cheek and moved her hair to gently rain kisses on her neck. Softly. She felt herself melting into his embrace, still too physically spent to react any other way. Although she would not want to respond any different. He was her sweetest medication. Her therapy.

He wrapped his arms tighter as he led her towards the bathroom. She could feel the steam coming through the door, and smell the fruity flavour of her favourite bubble bath. Her senses becoming super detectable. She slipped out of her clothes automatically and stepped into the water, loving the sudden warming heat spreading through her body. She layed back and closed her eyes…just for a second. She could hear rustling and could smell the sulphur of a match. She opened her eyes to candlelight. The surreality she had craved. The aroma of the candles filled the room pleasantly. She began to feel the lethargy slipping away as she felt the bubbles carassessing her dampened flesh. The water felt soothing on her body, it felt like a fluid massage, stroking and lapping at her vulnerability.

He came into the room, a small towel around his middle and carrying two glasses. ‘Therapy’ he explained softly. She laughed at the irony as she accepted the glass.

She watched him through her eye lashes, watched his body, the way he moved, the way he looked. Suddenly she felt his statement was right. Therapy.

She reached for his towel and pulled sharply, exposing his body to the full. He looked appropriately shocked for one tenth of a second before turning to her with his famous cheeky smile.
‘Get in’ she purred, although more like aΒ  command. Usually this would have began a humorous banter on control and gender roles. Tonight it did not.

She moved forward to let him slip in behind her, her body now wet and soapy. He rubbed her back affectionately and when she moaned, he began rubbing more, massaging her shoulders and letting his hands work fluidly with the soap. She layed back on his chest and enjoyed the physicality of his touch and the softness of the bubbles carassessing her in the water.

His hands continued to work their magic and her whole body felt relaxed. However she now felt highly aroused. He knew this. He sensed it, and as his fingers trailed down her back and to her sides , she felt his fingers stroking the side of her breasts, the water feeling cool against the heat on her skin. She leant further back on hin so he could reach. His fingers now stroking her nipples lazily but intently. She could feel the exquisite pleasure circulating her body as her nipples became hardened in response. She could feel his own hardening against her buttocks. She twisted her body slightly and reached her hand round to touch him but he pushed her hand away. ‘Let me watch you’.

That request made her feel giddy with a sudden rush of desire. Excitement. He looked down at her fingertips and kisses each one before lowering them to the water. His head bent to kiss her neck as he continued to sensuously massage her breasts, sending more pleasurable shivers through her. She knew she was wet, not just from the water, she knew her wetness was her own need for satisfaction. She layed her head back and let her hands go lower. As one with the water. She lifted her thighs and began by gently stroking her clit, slow but deliberate strokes which began a series of excitable subtle shocks within her. She used her fingertips in circular motions, not too hard, gently, basking in the slow build up it created. Her wetness grew and her inner sex began begging for more as she pushed her fingers inside her and moaned softly in his ear. She quickened her rhythm as she stroked and caressed her sweet spot, her breathing quickening with every touch. She felt him begin to touch himself as he became visibly excited by watching her. She loved the desire in his eyes so she spread her legs further and rubbed harder, her orgasm starting to build. He grabbed her breasts then and turned her to him to put his mouth on hers. The salty taste mixed with toothpaste and passion caused her body to grind closer to his. He Covered her breasts with his mouth, his tongue wet and hot as he nibbled each nipple and sent further pleasure through her. Her fingers became fervent as she rocked her hips in response to her own touch. Her clit throbbing now with desire and need for release.

He turned her again so they were face to face and yet he changed position so he was above her, his glass of wine held in his hand. ‘Close your eyes’. As she layed back and obeyed the instruction, she felt him open her legs wider and then felt a cold trickle on her body. Her eyes sprang open to see that her body was now being doused in wine. He followed the trickle with his tongue, over her breasts, down her tummy and between her legs. His tongue followed the chilling liquid as he lapped it off her clit and used his tongue to ignite her. She moaned as his head stayed firmly between her legs, his tongue circling and stroking her yearning spot. She felt her body push up against him, wanting more. He gave her more.

He flipped her over again, his fingers still on her clit, still keeping the rythm, and he entered her from behind. Her cries euphoric. She felt him deep as he pounded into her body, every thrust throwing waves of pleasure all over her. His fingers now faster and more urgent as he rubbed and stroked her clit, feeling it grow with pure lust and excitement. She grinded against his hand then pushed against his cock, the sensations taking over her body. Her groans kept coming…faster…louder. His own in tune as he rode her hard. His excitement exploded within her as she gasped in ecstacy, their sex reaching a burning climax. The bath water still circling them. The bubbles still stroking and carassessing their naked form.
She smiled to herself as she imagined talking about ‘physical therapy’ in the next meeting. Now she was home.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…