Ambitious perspective

by Emma


Life creates a crazy roller coaster of emotions. It is full of rules, expectations, judgement, and unpredictability. It is also full of excitement, warmth and cherished moments.

We follow societal rulings and we set out own guides. Sometimes it feels like we have bitten off much more than we can chew. We end up choking on our own expectation and juggling with the daily facets of life. At times we spend more time fighting against the grain, more time wrestling with deadlines. We miss the cherished moments. We forget to simply enjoy.

Would it not be better to take smaller and more precise bites to ensure balance and personal ease? To continually nibble, yet still experience the whole matter of our existence.

Reaching our goals should never create sacrifice of meaning. It should never reduce the quality of our own existence. It really is possible to have it all. We simply need to balance and take note. Learn. Continously learn and still enjoy.

A smile is infectious. Love is free. Moments are priceless.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…