Are you afraid of being afraid?

by Emma

What is fear?

An unknown entity? An apprehensive situation?
An unsettled feeling? All of the above?

When we fear, is it the fear itself or the percieved consequence which feeds our anxieties and physiological response.

If fear represents a person or an object then to analyse the result can help In minimising our emotional and psychological response. But how do we comprehend the fear itself?

As children we develop our psyche. This is created by our experiences and is confirmed by our learnt and practised emotional response. This response is fed by the communication we receive,  both verbal and non verbal. We become conditioned in our thoughts and this conveys within our emotional understanding.

Fear is grown. It develops simply from a response. This may be a personal experience. It may be a learnt experience.

We associate our negative feeling with the trigger and therefore create a chain effect which leads into adulthood.

To understand this reasoning, is to change and develop this reaction. Often we feel afraid of fear itself, which causes us to feel afraid of the confrontation. Inevitably this continues to provide psychological nourishment to the fear we hold inside.

To see fear as not a person, an object or a place, is to see fear in its entirety. To square up and confront it.

We can continue to live in fear and fear to live…or we can simply let it go and trust in ourselves.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…