Goodbye my friend

by Emma

I said goodbye to my long term companion 16 days ago today. Been through everything together. The highs, the lows, the stress, the celebrations.

He had stood firm in my grief, ever there. Kept me company in the rain, sleet and snow. Reassured me when I felt out of control. Also brought me sweet relief and helped me to celebrate any success.

I told him to go. There was no time and reason for anything more.

I still miss him. I still smell him everywhere. I see him outside shop windows. I see him with others.

I have moved on. Booked a trip to London and Rome. A theatre trip. Comedy night. Keeping busy. Saving money. So many reasons he grounded me. No more.

It is too late now. No going back.

The day I told him no more. Trashed the ash. I didn’t need him anymore. Not now.

So I am moving on now… my bag is lighter. My purse heavier.

Goodbye cigarette. You served me well.

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