Infinite Box of Creativity

by Emma



Artist – Louis Honca


How do we define Art?

Is it a visual creation? An interpretation of the minds eye and deeper philosophy.

A picture.

An infinite Creation.

I was told today I am an artist.

Yet I do not draw. I write.

To ponder on this offered me self exploration. My writing is my minds eye, it is my inner strengths and my vulnerability.

To create my words on paper is to offer my true and inner self to the external world.

Yes I do feel vulnerable. I also feel strong.

My poetry is me… it is derived of my inner thoughts, my emotions.

It is my own therapy.

To share this, I hope to create union. I aspire to create comprehension. Personal perspective and inner interpretation.

Isn’t that what all Artists do?

To consider my words as art feels narcissistic in concept. I do not want to convey patronistic content. I simply give a little of myself.

What you choose to do with it remains your choice.

To me, writing provides me with an outlet and inspires self reflection.

It is a part of my identity. My passion.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…