Perceptive Appreciation…

by Emma




Artist Louis Honca

Perspective is individual and a personal journey.

To see life, is to view life from our own experience and from our own vision. We perceive things based on our ideation and what we can create within our imagination.

To consider the life drawings, we first must see the realistic object. This object creates an inner vision which creates both a inner and external visual.

The human brain is amazing but when we also link our own perceptive eye into this, what we are able to create is phenomenal.

Perception is a creative and exciting journey. It offers inner exploration and enables us to view part of ourselves within the object. It also allows for further self analysis.

To consider art as a therapy is to allow ourselves to become one within the creation and to become open minded in comparison to our realities.

It allows us to become ‘free’ and to perceive the mystery and the unimaginable.

It allows us to envision the magic.

To create is to live. To live we must see the vast dimensions. These enhance our beings and add rich flavour to our journey….

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…