To see or not to see…

by Emma


‘Beware the barrenness of a busy life’ Socrates

Deep. Very deep.

In life, I think we are all guilty of creating an external persona to hide our internal conflict.

A busy life is not always an emotional existence but rather a clever way to fill a void.

Can a multitude of activity and social mixing really substitute for the simple things which we all seek?

Do we even hide these from ourselves?

I do believe that the intrusive thoughts which plague us in our still moments…The ones we cannot run away and escape from… These are the true inner meanings to completeness.

So do we continue to run…or stand tall?

What are we afraid of? If we fight this fear and open ourselves…. will this complete us or offer further clarity?

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…