Why do we fear forever?

by Emma

Love. Relationships. Partnerships. Bonding of two. Is this not the act of evolution? The meaning of life? The chain in the infinite cycle? Or simply romantacised ideation??

Forever is such a vast phenomenon. Scary. Fear provoking. Yet also magical.

Forever. Does it even exist? As beings, when did we lose the value of this concept?

The warming blanket of security. The tightened philosophical embrace. The absense of continued loss and pain.

The promise of forever is daunting. How can we promise everlasting, and cognitively are we able?

I personally do not believe this concept is cognitive. It is not a thought out and analysed decision. It is purely feeling. It is an emotional preference. A preference to being with, in comparison, to being without. Yet this feeling encourages further anxieties and fear of losing control. Losing our own identity. What is this about? Where does this ideation come from?

A healthy bonding should not require a sacrifice of ones self. It does not demand that identity has to be compromised. Conditions should not be set nor expected. They should be natural. Led by heartfelt love.

Yet anxiety remains. Fear of intimacy spreads. Is this not simply a dysfunctional mind set? A mind set, I suggest, influenced by negative experience and conditioned learnt behaviour. The fear of commiting ones self to the risk of what may, or may not be, perceived. Are we simply afraid of ourselves? Afraid of what we really seek?

Life evolves and society changes. Yet age is determined. Growing old cannot be fought. We live and we die. Life is so short in comparison to our dreams and our desires. Regret and missed chances are detrimental to inner happiness and peace.

Yes materialism can encourage stimulation. Success can determine a smile. Yet love can create an inner glow which burns brighter and longer than a satisfying moment of impulse.

We all know and trust in the external, but to be brave and self realised, we need to believe in the internal.

After all love begins from within.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…