Are our clothes simply external?

by Emma


Society instructs us to cover up…to wear appropriate clothing and not to venture out in the nude.

It’s something quite clearly none of us would consider doing. Venturing to the supermarket or the office with nothing but smiles. There is confidence. …then there is ‘confidence’. Also the fact our day may be spent in the local police station or hospital.

However every day we venture out internally nude.

Some of us wear masks…. we play a part. Some of us simply hide and blend with the crowds.

The problem is we are still visible. We are still there.

We can pretend we are simply blending with the crowd, we can even stand strong, ever adverse to emotion.

But, we remain naked. We cannot hide our internal make up.

Do you notice that face at the window, the lonely face staring out at the external bustle? That person’s eyes tell a lonesome story. A wishful look.

The woman at the bus stop trying to look visually engaged with her phone? Her hands slightly tremble. She is feeling anxious.

Do we forever try to fabricate our trueness? Is it easier to wear false garments and attempt to hide the inner feelings.

Our eyes betray us. Our body language sabotage’s the creation. We attempt to create an armed barricade. An invisible barrier. Why?

Because it protects us. It hurts less.

To walk naked is a risk. To wear our metorphorical heart on out sleeve makes us vulnerable.

So we continue to wear our clothes as we’ve been told. We continue to live our day as expected. Yet, we also continue to play our role, our self decided character.

What we don’t see is that, the more we hide, the more we are visible.

Escapism becomes internal yet is evident in more external facets. The more we deny, the more we become the prey.

Rule of thumb.

We remain who we are. We remain naked.

To embrace and stand tall is to own whom we really are. The real you. The real me. The real us.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…