Do ‘actions’ really speak louder than words?

by Emma

As individuals we express ourselves through our verbal words but also through our body language. But what if our words say one thing and our actions say another?

Which do we trust? How do we know which one is telling us the truth?

I think we need to consider this from a personal and moral stance? Some people find words easy where others struggle to verbalise their innermost desires and fears.

Some people are emotionally able, some are emotionally disabled.

Others simply give lip service to an audience but this can often lack meaning.

Body language is more complex. It is more visual and least likely to offer a multifaceted perspective. It tends to be subconscious and cannot always be controlled.

Take our eyes…..These really can be the windows to the soul. We cannot hide negative cognition… we cannot hide deep desire.

How we choose to act is pure behaviour. It is conscious and it is a choice.

Words and behaviour can indeed be interpreted and can have a sharp underlay.

If we want to know the truth…if we truly want to seek realistic answers, read these in expression, in body stance and in the face.

The eyes don’t lie.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…