Obscure reality or simply Dreaming…

by Emma

Dreaming is controversial. It has scientific evidence and also a spiritual element which can be debated.

From a holistic perception, dreams convey many inner messages….anxieties… or is this simply a facade for our over worked imagination?

I dream every night. My dreams are complex, sometimes scary, sometimes exciting. They affect my initial waking mood. They encourage analysis and self exploration.

Would I prefer not to dream? Indeed I would not. I enjoy the sleepy journey and self analysis is never a bad thing.

In our dreams, we get to experience a different dimension. Some experience ‘lucid’ dreaming, but either way, we encounter a multifaceted us. A multitude of endings, beginnings, and fascinating situations.

To consider dreaming as ‘simply’ being asleep, does not convey appreciation for the learning experience it provides us.

Sleep…dream….ponder… but also use these experiences to continue to self explore and build. If these fascinating dreams are created in sleep mode, imagine how much you can do whilst you are awake…..

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…