Seek and ye shall find… if we do not fear…

by Emma

We chase rainbows…we dream in colours…
we wish. We forever seek.

So when we glimpse that sudden prize, why do we often fear it? Why do we doubt its pure existence?

Do we doubt ourselves that much that our dreams seem too unrealistic and unobtainable? Why don’t we accept that sometimes dreams indeed come true.

Take a career choice for example. We work hard, often exhaust ourselves to be acknowledged or to gain that promotion. Yet when we receive these things, we simply look for a catch. Surely this is ‘too good to be true?’ …. what if it is not?

Where do we develop this doubt from?

We seek that passionate love… the special connection and that someone who can change our opinions and make us believe…

Yet when we find it… why do we doubt it’s existence? Why do we doubt ourselves?

Is happiness such a risk??

How many hours do we spend day dreaming? Planning our lives and making imaginative dents in our journey? Surely each benchmark should be celebrated. We should rejoice in our satisfied dreams.

Maybe we fear because of the strength of our desire… maybe we simply have lost sight of our own abilities.

If ‘too good to be true’ exists, maybe we need to reframe this cliché to enable our own empowerment.

Instead… ‘As good as we deserve’

We all seek happiness, achievement, contentment…. we need to stop running and stop doubting and embrace our life’s plan. 

We need to hold out our hands and take it. Accept it.

If everything happens for a reason….We need to own it.

Believe in it…or forever hold our peace.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…