‘Too good to be true’ or simple negative perception?

by Emma

How many times have you questioned the positivity of a situation?

How many times have you thought something was ‘too good to be true?’ Doubted the limitless possibilities and vast opportunity.

We spend hours analysing why things go wrong and why we are unable to see the rainbows for the clouds…. yet… when we are offered a slice of happiness or fulfilment, why do we doubt it’s substance?

Why do we then spend hours, yet again, questioning it’s true intent and doubting ourselves?

Statistically if some things are actually ‘too good to be true’ then is the rule of thumb simply that, some things are then the opposite?

Things can and will be, very true.

It’s a clear balance and we need to examine this as an equal concept.

If we forever remain cynical and doubting then how can we open ourselves to acceptance. How can we ever be completely happy?

Life is about developing, pushing forward, and striving. But it is also about love, luck, dreams and belief.

If things really do seem too good to be true then maybe it’s because of the way we think of it and analyse it.

Maybe we actually create the phenomenon and create the barriers we perceive.

What if everything we thought was in fact a fictionous concept and that happiness really was a heartbeat away.

We just need to believe and reach for it.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…