Balanced devotion

by Emma

I was conversing with a friend earlier and it got me thinking.

‘How often do we give and receive little back in return’?

No I’m not talking monetary or financial. I’m thinking down the emotional and psychological route. Do we make it easy to be ‘taken for granted’? Is it a fault, not only of others, but of ourselves? If so, then why do we continue to allow it?

My friend was discussing her significant other. Husband of 10 years +. We have heard it all before, they become stuck in a routine and the romance decreases. So what do they do?

Well he does nothing. That is the problem. When i say nothing, that may sound unfair. He lives by her side and he financially and physically pays into the marriage and home. However, she does not feel emotionally appreciated. She has lost her feminine identity and does not recall a compliment from her man. However is that his problem, or is it her problem for allowing it? She insists she has tried various things, date day/night, spontaneous impulse, however his interest has not stirred. Sound familiar? Well maybe the issue is the expectation. He is conditioned to her favourable response and her non – faltering devotion. He does not need to make an effort any longer. WRONG. Yet she has led him to believe this also. Her actions and allowances have spoken loudly over the years. Yet she is now left feeling unappreciated and mundane.

Why do we do this? Surely both individuals deserve more.

Personally I couldn’t live a half life. I expect a return on my affection. Shouldn’t we all expect this? Is this more about our own fears and insecurities? Do we sacrifice out own inner satisfaction out of fear of being alone? So what do we do when we are taken for granted and keep being unappreciated? When our love is no longer worth the effort? Keep on walking….

Maybe we need to reconsider our journey, after all, a direction worth travelling will surely offer us an intriguing path…

‘One person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure’

We are all worth the fight.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…