Dysfunctional dreaming

by Emma

So that moment when you awaken from a consortium of crazy dreams, and you spend a few sleepy moments trying to disipher exactly what is real?

I am pretty damn sure I do not stand alone on this.

I dream alot. I dream excessively. I sometimes ponder the deeper meaning of the diversity of my dreams. They can sometimes fly off the highest scale for dysfunction and for their incoherent content.

My significant other happens to be cast within some of the most crazy ones. As does my family. Ironically, their roles are usually of a socially impaired or debilitated nature. At times they are usually pretty radically different and contrary to my realistic notion.

It is a strange phenomenon to awake after experiencing a sleeping episode starring my loved ones and then casually glancing over to see them sleeping peacefully none the wiser to my psychological dilemma.

‘How could they do that?’
‘Did they really think that outfit was acceptable?’
‘That is so wrong on all levels’

Yes I remain aware they are not wise to their actions in my sleep. Yet my psyche rises up to my concious mind with vindictive poise.

To analyse it, we need to consider, who writes the script? Who provides the dialogue?

The harsh and even more complex reality to this is it is ourselves. It is crazy is it not.

Take my significant other. In reality he is actually a good and honest person. I like that. I want that. Yet in my dreams, his characteristics change considerably and I have to bear the knowledge that my mind created that? Quite simply, it is bizarre.

Ok so our psyche, our unconcious mind, is not conciously controlled. If it was I could think of more appropriate and fairytale settings I would place my lover in. So which part creates this?

Is it our insecurities and negative perceptions, or is it simply a psychological test to determine our hypothetical actions and responses? Is our brain teaching us whilst we sleep?

Is it simply an unexplained paradox.

It really is a strange phenomenon. Two separate world’s. Two alternate dimensions.

A consolation is that once the sleep is rubbed out your eyes, the mind becoming less muffled, realisation and reality becomes savoured, appreciated, and definitely preferred.

Until sleep rises it’s sneaky head again. Then the psychological drama continues…

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…