by Emma

She had seen him many times before,
A vision of pure serenity,
She had touched him,
smelt his sweet, sweet aroma,
They had danced,
Danced close throughout the night.

She recalled his presence,
Warming her cool,
The burning,
His alluring stare, always frozen,
beckoning her resistance,
Inviting her to abandon her fear

He remained an epitheny,
A sweetened fantasy,
Only the night brought him closer,
Fulfilled her raw yearning,
The morning chasing realistic stance

She had thought about him often,
Searched her mind,
As he stood before her in the sunlight,
Her realised dreams becoming reality,
She melted, at long last, her fantasy becoming real.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…