Infatuated Concious (x-rated)

by Emma

She had watched him from afar. The pure sight of him sent ripples of excitement through her. Tiny shocks of electric enticing her senses. She could almost feel his hands caressing her, as real as in her imagination.

As she continued to watch him, she could see his shirt straining over his chest, the tight shape of his pants evident, encasing his growing manhood. My god, she could visualise its entirety. Solid and strong. She could imagine the feel of it in her hands. In her mouth.

She watched the concentration on his face and wondered how it would look framed by his pleasure. Her pleasure. She knew it would be good. She knewΒ he would take her to places she could only imagine. Places she imagined deep within her private thoughts.

She felt his eyes gaze up at her as she left the room. She needed to be alone at this time. Sensually she knew she needed the release.

There was nobody around so she closed the door only slightly, a sliver of defiant excitement creeping down her body.

As she lay on the bed, she pictured him behind her eyelids, imagined his hands were hers as she stroked her sensitive skin. As she touched her body and felt her breath quicken in mounting arousal, she imagined his lips following her lead. She could feel the excitement pooling between her legs, the anticipated and growing sensations, familiar and needed. She let her fingers explore the moistness, delighting in the waves of pleasure oozing with each touch.

Eyes closed, she let her head fall back as she let her fingers explore and press on her secret spot. She felt her body rocking with the waves of pleasure as she let go of her senses and gave way to the engulfing urgency within her.

As she let out a small moan of pleasure, she became aware of a sensation of being watched. She opened her eyes slowly, not wanting to disturb the delightment her body was creating, and saw him standing there.

Two simple words ‘don’t stop’. She couldn’t now. Yet she felt open. Aroused but unsure. Her eyes spoke to him, pleading yet in control.

His answer was physical. He didn’t disappoint. He followed her hands expertly as he trailed a wet line down her body with his tongue, his fingers caressing her hardened nipples.

She didn’t need to close her eyes to see him now. Her arousal chased away the initial trepidation. She watched him intently as he held her legs apart and bent to taste her. She felt she would explode with the sensations which engulfed her. She wriggled in both pleasure and in fear of her release. His response simply grew stronger, his body covering hers in erotic concentration.

She clawed at him then. She wanted more and it was too late to turn back. She pulled at his clothes like a lioness, raw and primal. She fought for her need and was not disappointed when she released him. He was as ready as she was. She felt the power and strength as she fondled him, she could feel the moistness on his tip, his own animal noises confirming her own need.

She closed her eyes and lifted her hips up to greet him, to accept him fully, her wetness glistening as he covered her body with his own.

He felt amazing as he caressed inside her, the long, deep movement’s causing her to drift higher towards an ecstatic Combustion.

She grabbed his body tighter as she pushed and girated her body into his. Her pleasure building faster and becoming more intense. He grabbed her hair and held her head back as his lips came down on her neck, her cries now louder. All control lost.

She felt him increase the pace as he pushed into her and then felt the begin of his release. His moans and pleasure stimulated her and she pushed harder and faster ensuring her own pleasure alongside his. As she began to release, she felt she was on a rollarcoaster, and as he released his salty and warm orgasm into her, she shuddered on the tip of his. Her orgasm perfect. Complete mutual satisfaction.

She layed as she got her breath back and looked into her lovers eyes. He never disappointed her.