Is a ‘White’ lie really white?

by Emma

How do we define an untruth?
Are lies really able to be categorised and what makes a little ‘white’ lie appear insignificant and ‘allowed’?

Many of us would agree that lying is a negative and never warranted or praised. However we all admit freely to occasionally bending the truth and defining this as a white’ lie.

Why do we assume this is actually acceptable? What is the vast difference between a white lie and a blatant lie? Who defines this and where does the line lay?

As individuals, we accept fabrication as normal. We all create our own version of events to stimulate and colour our memoirs. Are we indeed story tellers?

Personally I find this question perplexing. It appears to be an expected trait of our learnt and shared behaviours. We don’t hold people responsible for a ‘little’ fabrication, yet a larger lie, we feel personally aghast.

Are our lives that humdrum that we feel the truth will not entertain and enlighten? Do we constantly seek praise and positive applause.

Does this define us more as individuals or simply as a whole society?

It is definitely complex and can create a larger array of questions.
We would call someone who sings, a singer. Someone who paints or draws, an artist.

Are we all simply defined as liars?

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…