It all makes perfect sense if we let it

by Emma

Sometimes we get the opportunity to analyse ourselves and our lives.

Amidst the hectic routines and day to day living, we don’t always see the important things. The things that matter. Sometimes we miss the special moments.

Last night as I read my son his story, I watched his delight and contentment…appreciated the moment. .him and I…

Today I watched my son kicking his ball. I shared his excitement. I listened to his questions….properly listened and responded. 

You know what? I realised that every day I miss these things.

Between the absent responses and automatic head nods, I don’t appreciate. I’m too busy.

It can’t always be helped, life takes over and deadlines and duties make us robotic. But our children bring us back. Money is simply paper and things are simply materials.

Love is my boy’s smile, his look of adoration and his hand in mine.

Today I learnt something and if I forget again I know he will show me again and again. Aren’t our kids amazing.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…