Logical sense vs spiritual self

by Emma

This is a vast and controversial subject. Do we believe in logic or let our spirituality speak the loudest?

How much are we logical and how much is dependent on our spiritual voice? If we choose to rely more on one angle then how does that affect the alternate view?

Are we really being honest with ourselves?

Logic is based on the principles of reasoning and is usually dependant on evidence and prior experience. The alternate has many answers, and in essence, spirituality is simply a separate facet of this. It can be argued that we can be ‘logically spiritual’. However my point today is not about the definition as such, but rather about our personal exploration of this.

In life is there always a logical answer? This can also be argued. The big phenomenon of aliens and urban legends is a prime example, and unfortunately the answer is still not proven either way. It remains one of those logic vs spiritual paradox.

As an individual, I fit more in the latter. I don’t need proof to hold belief. I simply choose to follow the alternate route. My own inner being feels happier with this.

Personally I find always following a logical view removes the excitement and creates a mundane and black and white concept. I am a colourful girl and prefer the intrigue and stimuli.

However, and ironically so, my job is based around logic. This intrigues me more.

The logical answer to most questions provides a clear rationale, but it isn’t always the most romantisised view, and it doesn’t always offer the stimulation we seek.

So are we actually chasing rainbows or do we unconciously know something which our conscious doesn’t?

Considering a more diverse view also invites the question of fear and apprehension. If ghosts exist,  do we really want to know? What will that mean and how will that affect us?

Yet we still continue to ‘feel’ a presence and share ghost stories. The same can be said for ‘deja vu’. What stimulates that feeling? Is it a deep rooted memory or is it simply a fake fabrication based on what we would like to believe.

There is no concrete answer. All we can ascertain is how it affects us as individuals. How we perceive these ideations.

Maybe we will always be left pondering. On a positive, it makes a fantastic conversation subject and if nothing else, it gives the brain an amazing work out! 

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…