Love thy self

by Emma

Have you ever looked in the mirror and been disappointed with the reflection? Most of us will answer positively to this.

Some will go further and use words like;

Gross…… simply urghhh.

Few will state (honestly)


Yet on either side of this view, why are we not happy with ourselves? Is it always the external views we fear, or our own disappointment and expectations?

It is very true that the media has a big impact on our self-esteem and fabricates a ‘perfect’ image we should portray. Yet it often goes deeper than this and our own anxieties often cause us to be blind to the true realisation.

Imagine a drawing of yourself. If you had to mark a tick on your image, where you felt you were completely satisfied, how many would you count? On the reverse, how many crosses would you place?

Now think of this realistically. How could you change the crosses into a tick. Forget the media. What could YOU do?

Some of our percieved imperfections are simple to change. Weight? Hair style, colour? Clothes?
I’m not insinuating these are easy to change, some require hard work and motivation, but they are changeable and the only one who can do it is YOU.

Examine the unrealistic crosses. Height? Face? Body? Feet? Ok let’s be logical. These are possible to be changed. Cosmetic surgery, painful procedure, even medications.

But do you really think these would make you happy?

Would this change all negative thoughts and make you feel contented.

Probably not.

The real problem is not how we view ourselves externally but more how we internally percieve.

It is easy to blame our unhappiness on external factors. But seriously, do you actually believe a nose job will improve every aspect of your life? Will bigger boobs actually provide self satisfaction and inner peace. I apologise for being the bearer of bad news but definitely not.

The work must begin within us. That is not to say cosmetic surgery, and alternative procedures are not reasonable. Each to their own. If it helps to heal someone’s confidence then I’m all for this.

My point is that the negative reflection in the mirror is not simply external. When this is realised then self-actualisation can begin.

We simply need to consider an holistic view. Our perception may be negative, yet to another, you may be perfect in every way. The world is diverse. If everyone became clones, then frankly none of us would hold any of that uniqueness which makes us all a little bit special and a little bit different.

The only thing that needs changing is our own thoughts and that is completely free.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…