Office Play Ground

by Emma

As I sit in my office and watch the dynamics and social arena, I cannot help but wonder what the difference is to being back at school?

We are indeed adults now. Grown ups. We are responsible beings, maturity has developed. Yet, the same dynamic cycle exists and the same cognitive stance continues.

I am not personally attacking my office. Indeed I am certain the dynamics remain the same in offices and work places everywhere. The issue I am citing is based on the concept of the behaviors, not the specific location.

So now I have cleared that up and defended my intention, let us continue.

Dynamics are expected in any group gathering. There are roles which need to be taken to allow for hierarchy and to ascertain a certain social flow. Yet who decides which roles we play?

Personally I have never been considered the ‘quiet’ type, yet I do not portray myself in leadership form. I simply remain as me. I am pretty damn sure many people would have similar views. So why do we change the moment we enter the office?

What differentiates us from each other and what makes us ‘fit’ within this social sphere?

Let us consider our school days. These are likely to be remembered as warm and friendly. Best days of our lives, right? WRONG.

We all probably have some fantastic memories of school but we also have memories of the dynamics in the classroom, in the playground, even on the journey to and from school.

Confidence was continously shattered, self-esteem was forever waivering and self- awareness went only as far as our reputation allowed it.

School was run by dynamics and social structure. Bullying was rife and we fit neatly into expected and set pockets.

We vowed things would change. We looked upon leaving education as a new start. We grew up.

Yet pondering on this subject, how far have we really come? Have we not substituted our social roles in school for similar roles in our work place? Have the dynamics actually developed and how much control do we personally have on this?

Looking around, I still see confidence waivering, self-esteem fluctuating. I still see those uncertain boys and girls of yesterday. I see it in myself when I am left self – questioning and in doubt.

Time has moved on yet we still remain categorised and in our expected place.

We still remain stuck in the school playground.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…