Puzzling mind boggles

by Emma

I found out something amazing today…. but it completely boggled my lifelong perception.
A banana should be peeled from the bottom (or how I perceived the bottom). Although this fact does not appear to be meaningful, it got me pondering…

So I have spent all of my 33 yrs believing a banana should be accessed a particular way, I have cursed them when the peeling has become difficult and when I have accidently mashed the top! Seriously I cannot be alone on this one.
To my point… well now I am peeling the infamous banana differently, it has suddenly become less of a chore and simple. No drama.
Now I wonder… is this banana phenomenon really so different from our individual existences? One small change and harmony is created? I predict a few sighs and eye rolling but!…. The theory remains valid.
Negative thoughts reap negative emotions so by making a small change, could we not reverse this and laugh in the face of cynicism?
Plus if it makes things slightly easier…and less mushy then surely it’s worth a go 😉

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…