Self-awareness vs negative musings

by Emma

How many of us can confirm our own self-awareness? Can we clearly see our own positives and own our negatives? Our strengths and our weaknesses?

How do we affirm these and yet continue to develop regardless of this?

Personally I feel this takes alot of personal reflection and self exploration. We need to remain external but be able to internalise our own thoughts and behaviours.

This is indeed not easy.

We like to hear praise. We like to be accepted. To reaffirm our achievements through compliments and actions is something we enjoy. It feels positive. It feels damn good.

However, to self-actualise  and own our negativity is more complex. This creates feelings of doubt, trepidation and anxiety. To have this reaffirmed by others is so much harder. Our natural defences are screaming and our denial is raw and primal.

This feeling is not wanted. We do not want to own this.

But we must, and we eventually will have to. To continue to develop and grow, we need to balance our present selves to enhance and create our future selves.

To reach our destination, we need to fight the demons.

Personally I find this liberating yet I don’t deny it is complex. When I internally struggle, I hear the logical voice directing my rationale cognition, yet my anxieties cause an internal override. I then must choose to believe the doubts, the negativity and the false musings, or fight their harsh intent and use my own realisation to conquer this.

It is not easy and sometimes we still remain anal. Usually it is due to the link it further creates to our emotions.

A simple thought can cause havoc on our heart strings. We can fight this thought but how can we combat the feeling?

I discuss this regularly with my significant other. Reaffirmation is paramount in both positivity but also whilst drowning in negativity. To have self -belief and confirmation in this is a therapy in itself.

To have support from another enhances our own journey.

What is an argument? A clash of wills, self pride? Or is it a testiment to our personal musings? Does the reason actually lie with our need for individual clarification or our denial that maybe, just maybe, we are wrong.

Are our arguments always reasonable? Do we argue to convince others or ourselves?

Maybe we ought to take a step back and ask ourselves what we are hoping to achieve?

Self questioning and painful self analysis can prevent unnecessary altercations and stress. It can enhance personal relationships and the quality of the path we travel.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…