Tea and Motivation…One sugar or two?

by Emma

What is the deep rooted meaning of a cup of tea?

Does it have one?

Tea is associated with distress, shock, celebration and comfort. It is a social crutch and is used to connect people and in greeting.

Tea means more than simply a teabag and a sweet and hot beverage. Tea is a social norm in our society. It connects young and old, friend and foe. It provides a strong foundation to building and maintaining relationships.

It’s quite amazing the things this simple drink can do!

Tea provides motivation. Does it? No. But then it is easier to hold a drink to sanction than to consider that actually the meaning of tea is actually ‘us’.

Tea does offer a liquid comfort but it’s our company, our behaviour, and our attitudes that provide the comfortable environment.

It is not the sugar we crave, it is the sweet words of others which sweeten our day. Nor is it the hot water which soothes us, but the warmth of compassion and the readily available listening ear which accompanies this.

Tea will always be made. It will always be offered. How we present it and how we present ourselves is what makes the big difference.

A coffee drinker? Well that is simply another meaning and another blog!

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…