Who are we to judge?

by Emma



Artist – Louis Honca

The world is a diverse and contrastive place. We are all different. We are all distinctive. Yet we remain parallel.

We remain connected.

We choose our clothes, our attire, based on our personal preference. We deviate from society to attain our own individuality. Sometimes our choices differ from the social norms of the community we are born of.

But what gives us the right to judge? To what extent are we reinforcing social stigma and co – creating an out casting dynamic?

The woman walking down the street chooses to wear her hair like that. Her clothes are an extension of her personality and confidence. Her weight is her choice. She does not attempt to inflict her views on us. What right do we have to inflict ours on her?

The ironic thing is that the behaviour of these ‘victims’ will begin to procreate due to our expectations and the beliefs we force upon them. They will begin to embrace the label they are given and their identity becomes further developed due to this.

Consider that teenage boy with the skin head? The one we avoid when he is seen out with his ‘gang’ of friends. We perceive the intent. We judge.

Our prejudice forces him to become internal and anti – social. He will embrace his role due to stigma. Inevitably he will become the stigma.

That will be as a direct result of our behaviour. Ironic.

The ‘odd’ girl. The one with no friends. She will become more socially isolated and shy furtherĀ  from social situations. Why?

Because of us.

To change the system, we need to change our ways. Our thoughts and our actions.

Consider Betaris Box. The concept is derived and based on the idea of conflict. Internal and external.

My attitude = My behaviour = Your attitude= Your behaviour

It creates a continous cycle. Yet it is simple and works in any given concept.

Change our thought. Our attitude, and the whole cycle will have altered results.

Our individual perception can can create either a positive or negative reaction.

It is your choice. Simple.

The mind of a deep thinkeror complete rubbishit is all down to interpretation and perception…