Be and become

by Emma

‘If we come to a different understanding of our own position with the system, our emotional state might change’
(Bertrando 2010)

I felt compelled to explore this statement. I feel the words are justified in all aspects of our existence, and can relate to many facets in our day to day lives.

As individuals, we are born of values and personal beliefs. These are both learnt and conditioned within us and developed through our individual experiences and instinct.

We expect a particular consequence based on our beliefs and feel personally inflicted if this consequence is not our own norm. We find change difficult. We struggle to comprehend alternate emotional perspective.

As Bertrando correctly states, we can change our emotional understanding by simply changing our own cognitions and remaining open to varied views. We need to allow self-reflection and awareness to influence our position and challenge our negative emotions.

Considering the hierarchy emotional and psychological response, we need to prioritise connection and place this on the top. Allowing the need to understand and engage to become a greater priority.

We are all part of a developing race yet we have polarised perspectives and emotional positioning. To allow an appropriate connection, we must align ourselves with others and simultaneously remain true to our own perceptions.

We do own our personal experiences and these can become important in both establishing a mutual understanding and self exploration in regards to searching deeper into our reasons for our own behaviours and attitudes.

We are all never going to agree or share complete values. We are always going to have diversity and alternate views. We cannot solve this. It is the way of society and it keeps our world interchanging and developing. It embraces originality and salutes social standing.

Individually we can help ourselves help others. This creates a cycle as it continues to aid us in our own development.

Emotions and behaviours are a consequence of an action. We cannot control this but we can control how we perceive it.

Negativity can be reframed which will then have a positive effect on the resulting emotions.

What does negativity achieve?

Hate? It rots from the inside.
Jealousy? It doesn’t decrease or stop the action. It simply creates and empowers further negative emotions.
Guilt? It does not change the outcome. Only an action can do that.

Simply the message is based on controlling what you are able to and creating a healthier and more positive you.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…